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After days of deliberation, the Conference Co-Directors have made the truly heartbreaking decision to cancel the 38th annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, which was scheduled to take place March 5-8, 2020. We do not take this decision lightly. The rapidly developing situation with COVID-19 in the Pacific Northwest demanded a cautious response to protect the public welfare. 

This was obviously a very tough decision, as we were looking forward to hosting everyone in Eugene. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause in your travel plans. If you are a panelist or travel stipend recipient, we will reach out to you individually shortly. If you registered for CLE credits, we are looking into video recording options to fulfill your CLE requirements or refunds. We will also pursue options to preserve some of the other scheduled content via video recording and provide this online at a later date. Additionally, we are available for questions at askpielc@uoregon.edu.

The Indigenous People’s Reception and Alumni Reception hosted by the Environmental and Natural Resources Center, both large events with food service, have been cancelled independently. 

Thank you all for your continued dedication, support, and tremendous effort in putting together PIELC 2020. We could not do it without each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing the whole PIELC community in 2021.

PIELC 2020 – Move: Migration on a Changing Planet March 05-08, 2020

This year, PIELC will host a conversation about migration on a changing planet. Changes to the environment have always affected the movement of humans and other life on earth. Recently, global awareness has shifted to issues of migration as the impacts of land use and resource extraction accelerate climate change and ecological crises. Conflicts and environmental disruptions force humans to leave their homes and face untold tribulation. Entire ecosystems creep toward the poles, and species climb to higher elevations. Climate, animal, and plant cycles fall out of sync with alarming consequences. Many species dwindle while others quietly wink out of existence. No place on earth is free from these changes.

Our goal for PIELC 2020 is to bring a focused perspective on how environmental change impacts migrations. We hope participants leave with an understanding of the role of public interest law and policy in developing collaborative approaches to these challenges.

PIELC 2020 Brochure

PIELC 2020 Registration Is Now Available

Find the registration form here- http://pielc.org/pielc-2020-registration/

PLEASE NOTE: Registration and attendance at the conference are free unless you are seeking Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit. CLE Credit is available for public interest attorneys for $120 and other attorneys for $160. This price is ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE.  If you are paying on-site at the Conference, it will not matter if you have pre-registered, you will be required to pay the higher fee. The cost of CLE credit will INCREASE at the Conference to $150 for public interest attorneys and $190 for non-public interest attorneys. ALSO NOTE: CLE accreditation will be sought only with the Oregon Bar for PIELC 2020. Attendees interested in CLE credits are responsible for reporting attendance and seeking accreditation from their local bar if NOT an Oregon Bar member. A list of panels that will be submitted for CLE credit will be posted on the PIELC website during the conference and/or in the brochure. Oregon bar member attendees must submit an attendance form through the conference in order to obtain CLE credit for eligible panels attended at the conference. Attorneys seeking CLE credit in states other than Oregon are responsible for pursuing CLE credit with their respective state bar.    If you have any questions, please email us at askpielc@uoregon.edu.    We look forward to seeing you!   

PIELC 2020 Tabling Request Now Open

The Tabling Request Form is Now Open. If your organization is interested in tabling at PIELC please fill out the Tabling Request Form. All tables are subject to consideration upon request.

Tabling at the event takes place from Friday, March 5th to Sunday, March 8th.

Deadline for Table Submission is February 23rd, 2020

Please click here to submit tabling request for PIELC 2020.

Please note this is for informational tabling only. No selling of merchandise or solicitation of money is allowed at the conference.

If you have any tabling specific question please contact our Tabling Coordinator CJ Lockwood

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PIELC 2020 Keynote Speakers

Final Schedule coming soon.