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PIELC 2019 Tabling Request Now Open

The Tabling Request Form is Now Open. If your organization is interested in tabling at PIELC please fill out the Tabling Request Form. All tables are subject to consideration upon request.

Tabling at the event takes place from Friday, March 1st to Sunday, March 3rd.

Deadline for Table Submission is February 23rd, 2019

Please click here to submit tabling request for PIELC 2019.

Please note this is for informational tabling only. No selling of merchandise or solicitation of money is allowed at the conference.

If you have any tabling specific question please contact our Tabling Coordinator Jack Anderson.

PIELC 2019: Common Ground February 28 – March 03, 2019

This year, we want to empower our common interests to constructively and effectively work towards a healthy environment and combat climate change. The political divide felt throughout the United States and the world is more acute than ever. This polarizing trend is not only alienating cultures, races, families, and organizations with differing views, it is estranging groups within movements that have similar values and goals.

At the same time, evidence of unsuspecting alliances are forming in recognition of common interests. Currently, ranchers and indigenous communities are protesting against pipelines while environmentalists and farmers are working to conserve water. Inspired by the progress being made through finding common ground over contrasting backgrounds, Land Air Water made it our mission to incorporate it into PIELC 2019’s theme.

PIELC 2019 is built upon the shared belief that we have more commonalities than differences. By recognizing our mutual desire for clean air, clean water, and a thriving ecosystem for future generations, we hope to refocus our means by encouraging participation and inclusion to make this vision possible. Help make this conference one of diverse voices, ethnicities, cultures, and perspectives where all voices are heard regardless of background. Unite as one voice to protect our environment. Engage each other on a wide range of environmental issues. Talk with–instead of past–one other to reach common ground.

PIELC 2019 Panel Submissions 

PIELC 2019 Panel Submissions are now open. 

Please submit ideas for a potential panel or a complete panel with identified speakers. It is helpful to provide as much detail as possible for any ideas or panels so we can best assess how the panel idea can fit with this year’s conference.

In order to involve more people in the panel registration process, we are asking that you distinguish between a fully planned panel and an idea for a panel. We consider a fully planned panel to be a submission where you have panelists in mind and have reached out to potential speakers. Alternatively, an idea for a panel consists of a subject you would like to see during the conference.

If you believe your panel should qualify for CLE credit, please make sure to include sufficient information to support an application to the Oregon bar for CLE credit. PIELC organizers will be using your panel description to justify an application for CLE credit. Consequently, including information that responds directly to what the bar requires is crucial for attaining Bar credit. In particular, the bar requires that the panel “have significant intellectual or practical content with the primary objective of increasing the participant’s professional competence as a lawyer.” Additionally, the panel “must deal primarily with substantive legal issues, legal skills, practice issues, or legal ethics and professionalism, or access to justice.”

In addition to sending this form, please feel free to send us any additional documents at

Submission deadline for priority consideration is December 21, 2018. Panels submitted after the priority deadline will be considered in full, but the availability of time and space will also factor into acceptance. Therefore, submitting panels prior to the priority deadline is highly encouraged.

*If you are interested in submitting an idea for a workshop at PIELC 2019 or have general questions, please email

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