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How do I Use UO Guest Wireless Self-Service?

Visitors can access UO Guest Wireless network and the Internet. 

  1. Find the list of Wi-Fi networks available to you on your device.
  2. Select “UO Guest.”
  3. Accept the “Acceptable Use Policy.” The AUP will require scrolling to the bottom of the text before the button will enable itself.
  4. You are now connected.

After the initial registration process, you can use the wireless network by selecting the UO Guest wireless network on your computer or mobile device. You may be prompted to accept the AUP when you reconnect after being disconnected. The length of network access is “unlimited” now, but it will be expected behavior for people to see the captive portal every time they connect fresh. Sessions may persist between buildings (your mileage may vary), but leaving campus and coming back will most likely mean you will be presented the AUP again before connecting.

For authorized guests at UO Athletic venues: Guests must first receive a PIN from an authorized athletics staff member.  Once they have the PIN they can register themselves for access. When at the athletic venue, on their computer or mobile device, they select the “UO Guest-Athletics” wireless network. On the first page that loads, enter the PIN then select “Create an account.” Provide the information requested, then have your password sent to you via email and/or text message. Then log in with the username and password you’ve been given. The 7-day account duration applies.