PIELC 2019: Common Ground - February 28 - March 3, 2019

This year, we want to empower our common interests to constructively and effectively work towards a healthy environment and combat climate change. The political divide felt throughout the United States and the world is more acute than ever. This polarizing trend is not only alienating cultures, races, families, and organizations with differing views, it is estranging groups within movements that have similar values and goals.

At the same time, evidence of unsuspecting alliances are forming in recognition of common interests. Currently, ranchers and indigenous communities are protesting against pipelines while environmentalists and farmers are working to conserve water. Inspired by the progress being made through finding common ground over contrasting backgrounds, Land Air Water made it our mission to incorporate it into PIELC 2019’s theme.

PIELC 2019 is built upon the shared belief that we have more commonalities than differences. By recognizing our mutual desire for clean air, clean water, and a thriving ecosystem for future generations, we hope to refocus our means by encouraging participation and inclusion to make this vision possible. Help make this conference one of diverse voices, ethnicities, cultures, and perspectives where all voices are heard regardless of background. Unite as one voice to protect our environment. Engage each other on a wide range of environmental issues. Talk with–instead of past–one other to reach common ground.

Toward this end, this year PIELC is experimenting with including several hours of “Open Space” time–participants are invited to put on DIY workshops and convene discussions on topics of your choice, on Friday afternoon, at the conference.  Please come with your ideas ready to engage!

PIELC 2019 will be held February 28 - March 3, 2019, at the University of Oregon School of Law.