Public Interest Environmental Law Conference
University of Oregon School of Law
Eugene, Oregon
PIELC In the News


Daily Emerald coverage: Read

Western Environmental Law Center coverage: Read

Northwest Public Radio coverage on Atmospheric Trust Litigation: Read

University of Chicago Law School notes alumna Lisa Heinzerling's David Brower Award: Read


Jeremy Wates awarded David Brower Award:

LA Times covers PIELC:


Liveblogging: PIELC
Oregonian reporter documents conference
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World wildlife warriors
Daily Emerald coverage of Irwin visit
[more info]

Bindi Irwin talks to local kids
[more info]
Not just crocs | The Crocodile Hunter’s family brings a wider conservation message to the next generation
Register Guard story
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Enviro Law on Campus
Eugene Weekly preview of PIELC 2010
[more info]
E-law event widens its net
Register Guard preview of PIELC 2010
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Fajardo's Fight
Eugene Weekly cover story on PIELC 2009 Keynoter
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Cultural Easements
Plumas County, CA
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Green President
Presidential candidate McKinney speaks out at PIELC 2008
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Changing the Political Climate
Eugene Weekly notes from PIELC 2008
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Local Kids Make Good
UO Law School grads return for business and pleasure
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Dont Save the Humans
Voluntary extinction alive and well
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Environmental activitists gather at law conference
Oregon's Register Guard profiles PIELC.
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The renowned annual conference at the University's law center ...
Daily Emerald article.
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PIELC 2008 on KLCC, public radio
Another rad year receives more rad praise.
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PIELC 2008 in Eugene Weekly
EW provides a solid PIELC profile.
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Corey McKrill at the environmental news blog Grist describes his PIELC experience.
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A Woman's Place
A Eugene Weekly columnist discusses the conference, E-LAW, women and the environment
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PIELC Recognized as Top Place for Environmental Networking
The conference was recognized in Outside Magazine as the place for prospective environmental lawyers to network
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Mother Jones Recognizes Activism on University of Oregon Campus
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