As a general note: 

Most hybrid panels are on zoom, with links provided below. 

However, PIELC keynotes and select panels are streamed and recorded on youtube:

Videos also Available on the IS Media Services YouTube Page:

The full schedule of hybrid keynotes and panels with links is below:


Opening ceremony and Mary Wood Keynote

Cristina Eisenberg Keynote & Closing Ceremonies



*Current Issues in Nationwide Bird Conservation

You’ve Got Mail — and Clean Air

Climate on Trial in the United States

*Legal Strategies to Address the Crisis of Orphaned, Neglected, and Zombie Oil Wells in the United States

  • Panel 3 Friday (10:45 -12:15)
  • Attendee link:
  • *CLE Credit Pending

*Collaboration for Connected Landscapes 

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees — Telling the Story to Stop the Destruction


Assisted Migration in a Rapidly Changing World

  • Panel 6 Saturday (9:00-10:30)
  • Attendee link: [panelists will provide]

*Carbon Capture & Storage — A False Climate Solution that Harms Communities & the Environment

*The Injustice of 1.5°C

The Ocean Took My House: Sea Level Rise, Property Rights, and Governance in the Southeast

*Extracting Sovereignty: Critical Minerals, Mining Law, the Clean Energy Transition, and the Impact on Tribes

  • Panel 6 Saturday (9:00-10:30)
  • Attendee link: TBD
  • *CLE Credit Pending

*Next Steps in the Fight Against Offshore Oil and Gas Development

*SLAPPing Back in Utah

The Interior Department’s Role in Meeting Climate Goals

*State Implementation Plans & the Clean Air Act: Achieving Air Quality Standards through Effective SIP Development and Enforcement 

*Just Transition Lawyering in Comparative Perspectives 

*Environmental Justice Advocacy: Lessons & Strategies From Community Campaigns for Healthier Ports 

Eastside Forests: Cut and Dry? 

*Sackett v. EPA: What’s at-risk if the U.S. Supreme Court shrinks the jurisdictional reach of the Clean Water Act? 


*Exploring the Environmental Injustices caused by Gerrymandering

Climate Change and Mental Health 

*State Wildlife Litigation: Wolves as a Case Study

Poisonous Prisons

*Moving Beyond Charismatic Megafauna: Challenges and Opportunities in Biodiversity Advocacy

Environmental Constitutionalism: new concepts for sustainable development or whitewash

*Environmental Constitutionalism: new concepts for sustainable development or whitewash

Oregon’s Climate Change Social Vulnerability Assessment