PIELC 2023 Hybrid CLE Guide/FAQ

For all attorneys seeking CLE credit from a Hybrid panel, you must follow these three steps:

1. You must register on JotForm (at https://pielc.org/pielc-cle-registration/). As in previous years, we offer a flat rate of $140 for public interest attorneys and $180 for all others, for the entire conference. 

2. Attend the panel synchronously and, at the end of the conference, complete the Attendance Google Form. Registration alone is not sufficient to receive CLE credit. At the end of your PIELC experience, please fill out the proper Attendance Form with all panels you attended.

Attendance Form (Oregon)

Please fill this Google attendance form:

Attendance Form (Out-of-State) 

Please fill the Universal Certificate of Attendance:

You will have to get this signed by a conference worker. Please send your completed form to askpielc@gmail.com or ldorsey2@uoregon.edu and we will sign and return as promptly as possible.

3.     Report your attendance to the appropriate bar association. Oregon lawyers, we do this for you using the attendance form above and the zoom-generated attendance list. Out-of-state lawyers are responsible for self-reporting, though we are ready to assist.


Q: Do I need to register multiple times?

A: No! You only need to register once. So, you can receive 15+ credits over the course of three days, which is roughly $10 per credit. What a deal!

Q: Will CLE panel materials be posted?

A: Yes. We will have all CLE materials saved and accessible on a google drive.

Q: Can I watch asynchronously to obtain credit, as I did last year?

A: The previous two years necessitated some special flexibility, but unfortunately, we are unable to attest to asynchronous CLE panels. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Q: Whom should I contact with any other questions or issues?

A: You may email askpielc@gmail.com or Lauren Dorsey, the CLE liaison, at ldorsey2@uoregon.edu