Public Interest Environmental Law Conference
University of Oregon School of Law
Eugene, Oregon
Empowering the Next Generation
of Wildlife Warriors
with Robert and Bindi Irwin
Thursday, February 25 - 3:30 pm
EMU Ballroom - University of Oregon

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Because of the limited parking on the University campus, we are coordinating a shuttle bus for attendees. Buses will be leaving from the Civic Stadium (Emís Stadium) parking lot, located at 2077 Willamette Street, Eugene, starting at 2:30 pm, with the last bus leaving Civic Stadium at 3:10 pm. We will be bringing everyone back to their vehicles when the event is over. Parking and the shuttle are free, although donations are welcome. Due to the limited capacity of the buses, please e-mail us at as soon as possible if you would like to take the shuttle. Indicate how many will be in your party and the name under which your party is registered. Thank you!

Bindi IrwinIn addition to being fun, this interactive session with Robert and Bindi will educate children about conservation and how they can make a difference. Tickets to this event are free, but must be reserved through our registration page.

Bindi and Robert are all about empowering kids by providing them with the knowledge and confidence to make a difference in their world. It is a simple and powerful message. The partnerships and programs Bindi is involved with aim to educate children in some way about conservation, and the things they can do to improve the world around them.

Bindi has been the star of several Animal Planet television programs, including Bindi the Jungle Girl, The Crocodile Hunter and The Wiggles. She has also recorded a children's environmental hip-hop album and will be starring in the upcoming movie Free Willy 4: Escape from Pirate's Cove.

Robert IrwinRobert, a chip off of the old block, has inherited Steve's natural curiosity about wildlife, and his love and respect for animals big and small.

Blessed with her fatherís innate connection to wildlife and a quiet confidence, Bindi forges ahead in her fatherís absence to champion the message of nature conservation. Bindi knows kids will drive the changes required to save our environment and consistently make a positive impact. She knows the issues are bigger than just wildlife conservation.

ďI donít think of myself as being famous,Ē Bindi says. ďI just feel Iím a teacher who is teaching wildlife conservation. Being well known is a way of getting the conservation message out, which is really nice.

ďI love doing this. People might think ĎOh sheís working too hardí but Iím really not. Iím just a normal kid. I want to do this. My daddy always taught me that one man can make a difference, and I believe that one kid can make a difference too! Kids are the future and we can make a difference together.Ē

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