• 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference to Feature Heather Milton-Lightening as keynote speaker

    Heather Milton-Lightening PhotoHeather Milton-Lightening will speak at Running Into Running Out: Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2014, held at the University of Oregon.

    Heather Milton-Lightening has seventeen years of organizing experience from local issues to international campaigns. Heather was a founding member of Native Youth Movement – that empowered youth politically and socially to make change in their communities; based in Winnipeg, MB in 1995. She helped found Winnipeg’s first Native youth organization called Aboriginal Youth with Initiative, Inc. in 1998 through her position as Associate Director. Heather then went on to found and build a national Native youth network that supported Native youth organizing across the US and Canada with the Indigenous Environmental Network based in northern Minnesota.

    Heather’s other work also merits note. She was a former member of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Youth Advisory and has extensive experience in lobbying internationally through the United Nations and other International arenas on Indigenous Peoples issues. Heather’s work since then has been to build capacity and find resources that help local Native communities. From funding board participation on the Funding Exchange Saguaro Fund and Honor the Earth; to helping build the Indigenous People’s Power Project through the Ruckus Society that trains on non-violent direct action tools. Heather is currently the Co-Director for the Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign out of the Polaris Institute in Ottawa, ON.

  • 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference to Feature Zhihe Wang as keynote speaker

    Zhihe Wang, born in Beijing, China, is director of the Institute for Postmodern Development of China, the executive director of the China Project, Center for Process Studies, Claremont. He is also director of Center for Constructive Postmodern Studies and professor of philosophy at Harbin Institute of Technology. His areas of specialty include process philosophy, constructive postmodernism, ecological civilization, and second enlightenment. His recent publications include: Green Development and Innovation From Global Perspective (with Jianjun Zhao,2013); Process and Pluralism: Chinese Thought on the Harmony of Diversity (2012);Second Enlightenment (with Meijun Fan, 2011).;The Roar of Awakening: A Whiteheadian Dialogue Between Western Psychotherapies and Eastern Worldviews (co-edited with Goerge Deffer and Michel Weber,2009 ), Ecological Civilization and Marxism (with Huibin Li and Xiaoyuan Xue, 2008); Whitehead and China (co-edited with George Derfer and Wenyu Xie, 2008), and A Study of Postmodern Philosophical Movement (2006)。

    Dr. Wang received his B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Peking University in Beijing, China, his PhD from the Claremont Graduate University, USA. He was senior research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the vice-chief editor of Social Science Abroad, a journal at national level.

    Since 2002 he and his team have establish more than 20 research institutes for constructive postmodern studies in China at universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guilin, Harbin, and other cities. He has helped organize more than 70 international conferences on ecological civilization, sustainable urbanization, ecological agriculture, postmodern law, science and spirituality, education reform, social responsibility in business, land and social justice, and, management. He has arranged more than 300 lectures by non-Chinese scholars in China. All of these efforts are ultimately aimed at helping encourage the greening of China and the world as well.

  • 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference to Feature Wen Tiejun as keynote speaker

    Wen TiejunWen Tiejun will speak at Running Into Running Out: Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2014, held at the University of Oregon.

    “Wen Tiejun is a renowned scholar at Renmin University of China. He holds multiple positions at Renmin including the Executive Dean of the Institute of Advanced Studies for Sustainability, the Director of the Institute of Rural Economy & Finance, and the Director of the Center of Rural Reconstruction. He is also the Executive Dean of the Institute of Rural Reconstruction of China, Southwest University and the Executive Dean of the institute of Rural Reconstruction of the Straits, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.

    From humble beginnings in 1968, Wen spent 11 years as a worker, a peasant and a soldier before working on rural policy research and reform. He is a distinguished expert on social-economic sustainable development and rural issues, especially in policy studies on macro-economic and geo-strategy of south-south cooperation, and inclusive growth of rural and urban areas. He has received multiple awards, including the State Council’s Award for Outstanding Contribution in 1998, the Central TV Annual Award of Top 10 Economic Talent in 2003, and the Beijing Municipal Government Award of Outstanding Study Outcome in 2010. In addition, Wen is a member of the State Consultant Committee of Environmental Protection. Currently, he is leading China’s grassroots movement to revive rural economies and communities.”

  • 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference to Feature Professor Patrick Parenteau as keynote speaker

    Parenteau FacultyPatrick A. Parenteau is Professor of Law and Senior Counsel to the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic (ENRLC) at Vermont Law School. He previously served as Director of the Environmental Law Center at VLS from 1993-1999, and was the founding director of the ENRLC in 2004.

    Professor Parenteau has an extensive background in environmental and natural resources law. His previous positions include Vice President for Conservation with the National Wildlife Federation in Washington, DC (1976-1984); Regional Counsel to the New England Regional Office of the EPA in Boston (1984-1987); Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (1987-1989); and Senior Counsel with the Perkins Coie law firm in Portland, Oregon (1989-1993).

    Professor Parenteau has been involved in drafting, litigating, implementing, teaching, and writing about environmental law and policy for over four decades. He has taught courses across the whole spectrum of environmental and natural resources law. He has been involved in notable litigation including the Northern Spotted Owl and Roadless Rule litigations.

    In 2005, Professor Parenteau received the National Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Achievement Award in recognition of his contributions to wildlife conservation and environmental education. In 2009, he was a co-recipient of the River Advocacy Award from the Connecticut River Watershed Council.  His current focus is on confronting the challenges of global climate change.