Reza Sadeghzadeh

Reza Sadeghzadeh grew up in Iran and migrated to California with his family as a teen. After high school, instead of attending college he decided to start working. But after few years of working— and exposure to the environmental issues in certain industries—he decided to pursue a career in environmental law. Thereafter, he attended Humboldt State University and received a B.S. in Communication Studies and a Minor in Political Science and Philosophy. He was also a Student Senator and part of the Speech and Debate Team. Two of his most notable achievements, as an undergraduate student, was organizing a fundraiser for the Water Protectors in North Dakota in 2016 and starting the Legal Lounge (an on-campus legal resource program). After attending PIELC in 2017, he decided to apply to University of Oregon School of Law because of its environmental law program. He is now happy to help organize the same conference that inspired him to pursue a career in the field of environmental law. And nowadays, he spends most of his time behind his desk or with his nephew.