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PIELC 2017

PIELC Roost 2017 – Tickets Now Available

This is the annual party of the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) hosted by Land Air Water. This year, the PIELC party will be on Friday, March 3rd at Sam Bond’s Garage and will feature performances by Casey Neill & The Norway Rats and Fortune’s Folly.

Tickets to this event are FREE! But each person who attends MUST claim one on Eventbrite to be admitted to the venue for safety and capacity reasons.

PIELC 2017: One Cause, One Voice

Over the last 35 years, the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference has brought together thousands of activists, students, and professionals, from a diverse array of communities and cultures, to advance efforts for environmental and social justice. PIELC is a nexus for the exchange of ideas and perspectives, and strives to bolster the environmental movement’s human capital through illuminating discussion, productive debate, and collaborative workshops. Each year, the contribution of conference attendees and participants makes a meaningful, positive impact on the natural environment and the people around the world who love and depend on it.

In times of increased political, social, and economic divisiveness, unifying distinct campaigns within the movement for environmental and social justice is essential to promote policies and community action that create a more sustainable coexistence with the planet’s ecological systems. “One Cause, One Voice” is an effort to transcend trivial differences in ideology and superficial rivalries within the environmental movement to increase its collective strength and influence by uniting over common interests. It’s a reminder that a stable climate and clean land, air, and water are necessary to promote the health and welfare of all human beings, regardless of our differences in ideology or culture. “One Cause, One Voice” represents the potential to achieve widespread environmental and social justice through cooperation, collaboration, and mutual support.

Panel RegistrationTable RequestsHousing Requests and the Conference Registration form for PIELC 2017 are now available.

To complete the Conference Registration form, you will be leaving our website and going to our Co-sponsor, Friends of Land Air Water. Click here to register.
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