Megan Sweeney was born and raised in Jupiter, Florida. Being an avid hiker and scuba diver in a state with unique ecosystems, such as everglades and coral reefs, shaped her into an environmentally conscious individual. Working at a sea turtle hospital and watching toxic algae blooms negatively affect both coral reefs and endangered species inspired her to drive positive change and pursue a career in environmental law. She attended the University of Florida and holds a BS in Marine Science with minors in Mathematics and Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. After graduation she worked as an intern at JLA Geosciences, a hydrogeological contracting firm where she learned the importance of sustainable water and land management. She is currently an Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center Fellow, where she is assisting with research regarding beach nourishment and coastal policy. Megan is so excited for all the new adventures living on the west coast will bring, and to be a part of the Land Air Water team.