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Maggie Franquemont | Co-Director | PIELC

148822_10153924322540291_1477144037_nMaggie Franquemont is a skier and a rock climber stuck in the body of a second year law student. She grew up wondering the wild places of Colorado and has always preferred being outside. Prior to law school Maggie received her B.S. in Land Rehabilitation from Montana State University. Maggie is passionate about water law and believes that we need to manage and protect our natural resources by better understanding how interconnected they are. She is determined to change the way our environmental laws and policies are implemented in order to take advantage of the best environmental knowledge. Maggie works with the University of Oregon Environmental and Natural Resource Center as a Fellow for the Oceans Coast and Watershed project and enjoys being able to work in an interdisciplinary program mixing scientific and legal research. In addition to skiing and climbing Maggie also enjoys biking and kayaking in the areas surrounding Eugene. Her favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurs.