Every year LAW hosts a raft trip on the Rogue River in southern Oregon.  Studying and practicing public interest environmental and natural resource law can be frustrating and emotionally draining.  Nothing does more to shrug off pessimism than reconnecting with nature in the same way you did as a child.  Beautiful scenery can provide a much needed boost to those that will spend the next 6 months planning the largest public interest environmental law conference in the world.  The hours of hard work slip by a little easier with the memory of the Rogue fresh in one’s mind.

The trip is not just for those already affiliated with LAW.  The Rogue is the perfect place to welcome new members of LAW into the organization and to convince those on the fence that environmental law is a worthwhile pursuit.  Very few can honestly say that the half-light of an Oregon canyon does not stir something deep within their humanity.

The trip also provides members the opportunity to meet and talk with local environmental law professionals.  For many of the new members this is their first look into conservation’s legal side.  These pleasant chats often foster friendships, internships in the summers to come, and sometimes job opportunities after graduation.

Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote, “Tomorrow will be here anon,” and LAW is committed to ensuring ecosystems like the Rogue are there to greet it.


Jesse Hardval
Marketing Coordinator
Class of 2015