Although Cao Yin is still young by scholarly standards, he has already been called “China’s Jeremy Rifkin.” Mr. Cao is the driving force behind the Internet + Smart Energy movement driving China to reinvent their energy industry. This will be Mr. Cao’s first visit to the United States.

Mr. Cao graduated from prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, China. After graduating, Mr. Cao worked on an impressive range of projects. Mr. Cao is currently the Principle Analyst of Cinda Security Co., Ltd., helping China value and privatize state assets. Mr. Cao also serves as strategic advisor for several famous companies, including internet and social media giant Tencent, one of China’s three largest internet companies, together referred to as BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent). Mr. Cao’s vision drives companies to move towards sustainable, smart energy technology, with the ultimate goal of globalizing the energy grid.

Mr. Cao’s vision for a global energy-trading market envisions solutions to the global energy pollution crisis and would begin to eliminate reliance on coal power, without resorting to dangerous tactics like nuclear energy. This year’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference is an opportunity to engage with one of China’s greatest young minds. Please join us for this unique and incredible opportunity.