Huineng Lai

Lai Huineng was born in 1969 in Suichang, within the Zhejiang Province of China. After receiving his masters degree from Zhejiang University, Mr. Lai started working in media, a field he has pursued ever since. Now, Mr. Lai is Vice President of Xiaokang Magazine, a subsidiary of Qiushi Magazine, the most influential and authoritative state-owned magazine in China.

In the 1980s, China launched a modernization program to achieve what became known as a “Xiaokang society,” or moderately prosperous society. Their goal was to advance a strong economy and promote democracy, scientific and technological achievement, education, and a harmonious living environment for all Chinese citizens. China set 2020 as the goal to achieve their Xiaokang society. Xiaokang Magazine’s mission is to research and report on the impact the goal of a Xiaokang society has on Chinese citizens.

The incredible speed at which China’s economy has advanced over the past 30 years has strained the environment. Xiaokang Magazine’s research provides insight into China’s environmental and urbanization policy news agencies like CNN have called controversial. At this year’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, join us as Mr. Lai shares his insight and fascinating research rarely seen anywhere else.