Jaimie Tucker grew up in Iowa, where she spent the majority of her life wandering the woods and prairies, catching wildlife and building forts. Despite this, she thought she was an “indoors kid” until she headed to University of Florida, where she fell into both archaeology and geology, mainly because of class field trips. After this realization, Jaimie focused the rest of her studies on environmental science. After obtaining her degree, Jaimie had several great environmental adventures, including building (and living in) a repurposed-materials off-grid tiny house, running a local organic catering company, and working as a solar service electrician. During law school, Jaimie has been privileged to be a member of the Moot Court board and LAW, where she serves as the Webmaster. She also has the dubious pleasure of being known law-school wide as “Tent Girl” due to a failed “zero waste” experiment during her first year, in which she did Zoom classes in a tent until forced to evacuate due to fires.