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  • Keynote Profile PIELC 2016 – Cao Yin


    Although Cao Yin is still young by scholarly standards, he has already been called “China’s Jeremy Rifkin.” Mr. Cao is the driving force behind the Internet + Smart Energy movement driving China to reinvent their energy industry. This will be Mr. Cao’s first visit to the United States.

    Mr. Cao graduated from prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, China. After graduating, Mr. Cao worked on an impressive range of projects. Mr. Cao is currently the Principle Analyst of Cinda Security Co., Ltd., helping China value and privatize state assets. Mr. Cao also serves as strategic advisor for several famous companies, including internet and social media giant Tencent, one of China’s three largest internet companies, together referred to as BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent). Mr. Cao’s vision drives companies to move towards sustainable, smart energy technology, with the ultimate goal of globalizing the energy grid.

    Mr. Cao’s vision for a global energy-trading market envisions solutions to the global energy pollution crisis and would begin to eliminate reliance on coal power, without resorting to dangerous tactics like nuclear energy. This year’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference is an opportunity to engage with one of China’s greatest young minds. Please join us for this unique and incredible opportunity.

  • Keynote Profile PIELC 2016 – Dr. Jiwen Chang


    Dr. Jiwen Chang is a Professor for the Social Law Research Department at the Institute of Law for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). He is also a research fellow and vice director-general for the Research Institute for Resources and Environmental Policies at the Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council, China’s cabinet. The Institute is one of the top 10 most influential think-tanks in the world.

    Dr. Chang made United States news in 2010 as a principle author of China’s Anti-Animal Abuse Law, aimed at stopping the consumption of dog and cat meat. Dr. Chang also authored China’s environmental protection law. He is currently writing laws to expand wildlife protection in China, and can provide insight into China’s environmental policy widely unavailable to a United States audience, until now.

    At this year’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Dr. Chang will speak on the environmental successes and shortcomings of Chinese environmental policy. China and the United States, as the two most powerful nations in the world, have a shared responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. Please join us as we learn from Dr. Chang’s wealth of experience and knowledge to develop our own visions for the future of the environment around the world.

  • Keynote Profile 2016 – Lai Huineng

    Huineng Lai

    Lai Huineng was born in 1969 in Suichang, within the Zhejiang Province of China. After receiving his masters degree from Zhejiang University, Mr. Lai started working in media, a field he has pursued ever since. Now, Mr. Lai is Vice President of Xiaokang Magazine, a subsidiary of Qiushi Magazine, the most influential and authoritative state-owned magazine in China.

    In the 1980s, China launched a modernization program to achieve what became known as a “Xiaokang society,” or moderately prosperous society. Their goal was to advance a strong economy and promote democracy, scientific and technological achievement, education, and a harmonious living environment for all Chinese citizens. China set 2020 as the goal to achieve their Xiaokang society. Xiaokang Magazine’s mission is to research and report on the impact the goal of a Xiaokang society has on Chinese citizens.

    The incredible speed at which China’s economy has advanced over the past 30 years has strained the environment. Xiaokang Magazine’s research provides insight into China’s environmental and urbanization policy news agencies like CNN have called controversial. At this year’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, join us as Mr. Lai shares his insight and fascinating research rarely seen anywhere else.

  • Keynote Profile PIELC 2016 – Ocean Yuan


    At this year’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, we have very special visitors from overseas. PIELC is proud to welcome for Friday afternoon’s keynote address three top environmental professionals from China! They hail from the legal, business, and academic worlds across the Pacific. Hosting it all will be Eugene resident Ocean Yuan.

    Ocean Yuan came to Oregon in 1990 with $500 his father borrowed from his friends in rural China. At the time, $500 was approximately equal to an entire year’s income for a typical Chinese family. Ocean made the most of his opportunity, and graduated from the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon in 1993. After spending many years starting up and working for multinational electronics companies around the United States, he returned to Eugene in 2009 to start his own solar power business. Today, Grape Solar, Inc. is the largest product and service provider for retailers like Costco and Home Depot. Ocean lives in Eugene with his wife and daughter. He is living, breathing proof of the American Dream’s continued inspiration.

    The United States is facing environmental disaster, but we are not the only ones. The United States and China, as the two biggest polluters in the world, have a shared responsibility to confront environmental degradation, the most pressing issue of our time. Please join us at PIELC 2016 for the unique opportunity to engage with the individuals confronting the environmental issues in China.