Emily Hajarizadeh | Secretary | L.A.W.


Emily Hajarizadeh is a third-year law student, dual degree Master’s of Community and Regional Planning at the University of Oregon School. She is a graduate of Portland State University where she earned a degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on Urban Planning and Sustainable Systems, and a minor in Spanish. During her legal education, Emily worked with Crag Law Center in Portland, Oregon, on environmental quality issues in the Klamath Basin and Organic Agriculture. She aims to focus on a career in public service, working toward social, cultural, economic, and environmental equity in the Pacific Northwest. Emily enjoys hiking the snow-capped cascades, cultivating communal feasts from her garden, and long-distance cycling trips through the diverse landscapes of Oregon.

Favorite Quote: “There is no Space or Time, Only intensity, And tame things, Have no immensity”  – Mina Loy