Christopher Groesbeck | Co-Director | PIELC

Christopher Groesbeck is passionate about powering communities with clean energy infrastructure and providing them with the tools and resources needed to act in an environmentally responsible way mindful of future generations. As the earth’s climate crisis grows and climate disruption continues to change our world, he firmly believes that cities and urban areas will be at the forefront to combat climate change. Christopher wants to be on the frontlines with them. As a Utah native, growing up among the red rocks of Moab, Christopher learned to love the high desert, public land, and being an active participant in the community. Christopher is an aspiring potter and enjoys spending his free time with his wife Alex camping, hiking and having fun outdoors. After receiving his B.S. in Environmental Science and Minor in Non-Profit Management from Brigham Young University, Christopher worked for the Louisiana Public Service Commission as an Enforcement Agent regulating disputes between consumers and utility providers. As a concurrent student studying both Law and Community and Regional Planning, Christopher is focusing his studies on energy law, infrastructure, and sustainable cities.