Kelvin Garcha is a 2L from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Kelvin has lived on the west coast of Canada his entire life and growing spent much of his time on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean swimming, kayaking, fishing, crabbing, and boating.  Being outside is an integral part of Kelvin’s life and the majestic British Columbia landscape has afforded him countless interactions and experiences with some of the most amazing wildlife and nature on the planet.  While completing his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Kelvin also became very interested in and took various courses in earth and ocean sciences, climate change, and environmental sustainability. Further, Kelvin chose to come to the University of Oregon to expand on his past experiences with the environment and because of the law school’s distinguished track record in public interest environmental law. In the coming years, Kelvin looks to focus on sustainable land use practices, water policy, ocean and coastal law, and exploring more of the beautiful Oregon landscape.